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De-commemoration of campus buildings plan

In summer 2020, the VCU Committee on Commemorations and Memorials made 18 recommendations on memorials, commemorations and de-commemorations to President Rao. The committee’s recommendations and public feedback resulted in three resolutions that de-commemorate buildings and monuments on campus that honor historical figures with ties to the Confederacy, name a School of the Arts building after a former dean and allow the Department of African American Studies to rename its academic building. 

On September 18, 2020, the Board of Visitors approved the three resolutions, which led to the renaming of several de-commemorated buildings across the Monroe Park and MCV campuses:

  • Health Sciences Library (formerly Tompkins-McCaw Library)
  • VCU Health Sciences Research Building (formerly McGuire Hall)
  • VCU Health Sciences Research Annex (formerly McGuire Hall-Annex)
  • Egyptian Building Auditorium (formerly Baruch Auditorium)
  • VCU Dental Building 1 (formerly Wood Memorial Building)
  • Office of the Provost (formerly Ginter House), and 
  • Department of African American Studies (formerly Harrison House)*

*The Department of African American Studies will commemorate and name its academic building at a later date.

By May 7, 2021, all de-commemorated campus buildings will be recognized by their new names. As a result, work to address physical, technological and operational changes related to new building names should be completed by May 7.

Visit the de-commemoration of campus buildings plan web page for information and resources useful for building managers, administrators, IT managers, website editors, purchasers and others directly involved to assist with the transition.

To learn more about commemoration and memorials at VCU, visit https://inclusive.vcu.edu/public-comment/.