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The Construction Management Department oversees the construction, renovation and restoration of buildings and infrastructure at Virginia Commonwealth University. Construction Management ensures that contractors adhere to the approved project design and the highest quality construction standards while complying with all state code, construction and contract requirements. Construction Management is also responsible for demolition of buildings that are no longer required to achieve the university’s mission or that must be removed to make way for new facilities.

Maintenance Reserve


Recognizing that college and university operating budgets were insufficient to fund repair or replacement of major building systems such as roofs, HVAC, plumbing, electrical and other systems, the Commonwealth of Virginia began providing supplemental funds for this purpose in 1982. Each year, institutions of higher education report facilities maintenance deficiencies to the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV). SCHEV makes a Maintenance Reserve funding recommendation to the governor each biennium.


The commonwealth provides General Fund support for educational and general space. VCU must provide funding for space which is normally supported with funds other than state funds. The cost of Maintenance Reserve projects in buildings that house both E&G and non-E&G activities is cost-shared, based on distribution of space. The maintenance reserve has been funded each biennium since 1982-84.

For more information on the university’s budget, visit the Budget Update website.

Design and Construction Standards
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