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VCU Space Management oversees the university’s space data inventory and building information and offers a variety of space data services. 

Space data

Space Management oversees the gathering, tracking and reporting of space data for the university and a part of the health system. They also work closely with space data reporting contacts, particularly space ambassadors, to collect and verify the necessary data for the various schools and MBUs.

Visit the space data reporting page for more information.

Building records

Space Management manages the university’s building documents archive which includes more than 41,000 as-built drawings and 2,000 specifications and maintenance manuals from completed construction and renovation projects on campus. For information about building records and how to access them as well as submitting documentation from a completed construction or renovation project, visit the building records web page.

Geographic information systems 

Space Management utilizes geographic information systems (GIS) to create, manage, analyze, map and maintain spatial and geographic data at the university. For more information, visit the GIS web page

Space request

Request new space, a function change or a space reassignment.

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Space contacts can log into FMS:Workplace (formerly FM:Interact) to report and update space data for their school or department.

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Email: fmdspace@vcu.edu