Space data and Space Allocation and Validation Update (SAVU)

OSM works with VCU departments to collect and track space data in VCU facilities to: 

  • Inform strategic and capital planning throughout the university;
  • Track how much space the university owns and how it is used;
  • Understand how much space is needed to schedule classes appropriately and plan for capital and real estate needs;
  • Inform the VCU Office of Budget and Resource Analysis on space use; 
  • Serve as a metric used to determine the allocation of space costs throughout the university; and
  • Meet annual state and federal government requirements to report space utilization. 

To compile up-to-date accurate space data each year, OSM works with pre-assigned individuals in VCU departments to complete the annual SAVU. For more information, visit the SAVU web page


FM:Interact provides current space data including floor plans, room numbers, departments and occupancy and offers comprehensive reports. A reporting example includes a current building list under the Space Management module > Reports > 2.00 Building List in FM:Interact.

FM: Interact is only available to approved VCU administrators and employees with a VCU eID. To request access or for questions, email Betsy Moscosco, space data analyst, at

Space ambassadors

Space ambassadors serve as a liaison between their department, its leadership and OSM. Their responsibilities include:

  • Submitting requests for space use on campus or in leased spaces on behalf of their department, with approval from leadership, via the space request form in the Facilities Self Service
  • Helping ensure transparency within their department and assisting university leaders with exploring and securing university space, as necessary.
  • Serving as the point of contact for OSM to confirm the assigned responders and approvers to complete the annual SAVU on behalf of their department, streamlining SAVU communications and space data metrics.

Use the space ambassador list to identify a department's space ambassador.