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Space Allocation and Validation Update

The annual Space Allocation and Validation Update (SAVU) (previously referred to as the space survey) tracks space data in VCU facilities via FM:Interact. To collect up-to-date space data each year, OSM works with pre-approved respondents and approvers in VCU departments.

SAVU timeline

  • January – September: During the first two weeks of each month, respondents and approvers submit updated space information via FM:Interact, as necessary. During the second two weeks of each month, OSM reviews, approves and follows up to confirm submitted space data, as necessary. 
  • Mid September: SAVU closes and OSM verifies the submitted space information and follows up with respondents and approvers, as necessary. 
  • November 1: OSM submits space data to the VCU Office of Budget and Resource Analysis. 


Respondents and approvers can use the resources below to complete the SAVU. 

Contact us

For more information and assistance with SAVU, please contact Betsy Moscoso, space data analyst, at


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