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Report a problem, request service anywhere on campus, or give us a call at (804) 828-9444.


The Physical Plant is dedicated to providing timely, quality workmanship and service delivered in a cost-effective manner to support the university’s mission.

Goals and Guidelines

To be the facilities maintenance and service provider of choice to our customers.

What is Funded by the Physical Plant

The Physical Plant receives an annual budget that provides for routine day-to-day building and grounds maintenance, operations and utilities to university facilities that are supported by education and general funds.

What Do Departments Pay For?

Department-initiated renovations, department-related equipment repairs, office furniture repairs and special or extra (beyond basic day-to-day) services are the responsibility of the requesting department to fund.

Types of Charges

For work performed by the Facilities Management department, the requesting department will be billed the actual cost of labor, materials, equipment and contractor cost. If contractor services are procured, the requesting department will be charged an 8% (PPD) or 13% (University Renovations) overhead rate. The overhead rate includes but not limited to contract administration oversight, scope of the work equipment selection, review of bids, contractor submittals, final inspection, and commissioning, proposal review, and invoice management.

Physical Plant Labor Rates

Rates are usually calculated in June, when the new overhead rates and salary increases are known for the upcoming fiscal year. Review the published rates.

How Will Departments be Billed?

Each department submits work orders though QuikFM and are assigned a unique work order number for cost-accounting purposes. Charges are billed to departments bimonthly through the university’s financial reporting system. QuikFM also has reporting capability available for customer use.

If the service is approved by the individual department, permission to charge the department’s budget account will be requested.

Specific questions concerning billing should be directed to Facilities Management’s Financial Services at (804) 828-2158.


Small projects and service work

Physical Plant can provide estimates for small projects and service work. Request for estimates are made via QuikFM.

Major renovations

Estimates for major renovations are provided by University Renovations. Please make your request for this service through QuikFM.


Office of Director, Physical Plant
Phone: (804) 827-1891 
Email: askfmd@vcu.edu
Fax: (804) 828-2857