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Building Managers/Coordinators

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Each school, department or building has one or more individuals serving as liaison between their respective areas and Physical Plant. On the Monroe Park Campus, Building Managers are appointed by Deans or department heads. On the MCV Campus, Building Coordinators and Emergency Contacts are designated by the Office of the Vice President for Health Sciences for the various departments in the larger buildings. Physical Plant holds periodic meetings with Building Managers and Emergency Contacts to address concerns and to exchange information. They are the primary contact for Facilities Management, including Physical Plant, Fire Safety and Contract Administration.

Contact your building manager

Contact your building manager or coordinator.

Monroe Park Campus list of building managers and coordinators. 
MCV Campus list of building managers and coordinators. 


Responsibilities of Building Managers/Emergency Contacts are:

  • Review and consolidate work requests from other building occupants
  • Call Physical Plant to request emergency or general services
  • Coordinate the provision of services and renovations with Physical Plant
  • Communicate status of building issues to other building occupants (e.g., utility shutdowns)
  • Work closely with Physical Plant coordinators to seek solutions to recurring service issues
  • Work closely with Physical Plant’s energy manager to assure that buildings operate as energy-efficient as possible
  • Physical Plant’s Campus Coordinators maintain an updated contact list and should be notified when Building Managers or Emergency
  • Contacts change or have changes to their phone numbers.

Physical Plant’s QuikFM should be used to report daily maintenance issues.

All Physical Plant services can be accessed by making a request through the Customer Service Center. However, Building Managers can request access to QuikFM, where they can review charges and check the status of work requests. Contact your Campus Coordinator to request this access.