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Find your zone

Find out which zone your building lies in by clicking the drop down menu for your campus and finding your building. Each building link will take you to the zone and contact information for your zone's campus coordinator.

 Monroe Park Campus

9 West Cary Street

500 Academic Centre

800 West Broad Street

809 Cathedral Place

811 Cathedral Place

813 Cathedral Place

1109 Oak Street

Academic Learning Commons

Anderson Gallery

Anderson House

Bird House

Blair House

Blanton House

Bowe House

Bowe Street Parking Deck

Broad and Belvidere Student Parking Deck

Buford House

Cary Street Field Check-in Center

Cary Street Field Support Building

Cary Street Gym

Cary Street Parking Deck

Center for Psychological Services

Crenshaw House

Da Vinci Center

Dance and Choreography Building

Department of African American Studies

Depot Annex

Education Annex

Eugene P. and Lois E. Trani Center for Life Sciences

Facilities and Financial Services Building

Founders Hall

Franklin Street Gymnasium

Franklin Terrace

Grace E. Harris Hall

Grace Street Center

Grace Street Theater

Graphic Design Center

Henry Parking Deck - East & West

Hibbs Hall

HR Training Building

Human Resources Building

Hunton House

ICA Support Offices

Institue for Contempory Art

Institute for Engineering and Medicine

James Branch Cabell Library

James W. Black Music Center

Jefferson Street Parking Deck

Kearney House

Lafayette Hall

Laurel Street Parking Deck

Lindsey House

Mary and Frances Youth Center

Math Exchange

McAdams House

Meredith House

Mike Hughes Hall

Millhiser House

Monroe Park Campus Power Plant

Moseley House

Office of the President

Office of the Provost

Office of the VP for Diversity

Oliver Hall - Education & Physical Science

Pace Center

Police Annex

Police Satellite Office

Pollak Building

Raleigh Building

RamTech Store

Recreational Sports Outing Rental Center

Richard T. Robertson Alumni House

Ritter-Hickok House

Scherer Hall

School of Education Training Center

School of Engineering - East

School of Engineering - West

School of the Arts Building

Scott House

Shafer Court Dining Center

Shafer Street Playhouse

Singleton Center for the Performing Arts

Sitterding House

Snead Hall

Sports Medicine Center

Stagg House

Starke House

Stokes House

T. Edward Temple Building

Technology Administration Building

Thalhimer Tennis Support Building

The Center for Cultural Experiences in Prevention

The Depot

The Round House - Monroe Park

Thurston House

University Student Commons

Valentine House

VCU Basketball Development Center

VCU Child Development Center

VCU Community Police Office

VCU Dance Center

VCU Meeting Center

VCU Police Station

VCU RamBikes

VCU Student Media Center

VISSTA Buildings

Wellness Resource Center

West Broad Street Parking Deck 

West Main Street Parking Deck

White House

Williams House

If your building is not listed and needs to be added, please email the Monroe Park Campus coordinator, Margaret Kelland, at mkelland@vcu.edu.