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Inclement Weather and Emergencies

VCU administration will make any decisions regarding university closing or changing of normal operating schedules. The Executive Director of Physical Plant will advise the Associate Vice President for Facilities Management of weather and ground conditions.

Physical Plant has primary responsibility for snow and ice control operations at VCU. To meet this responsibility, necessary equipment and materials will be prepared and staged for use at all times during the winter season.

Where to Check for Closings

Refer to the Human Resource Divisions Inclement Weather Procedure for details of the university’s closing plans, designated employee and parking procedures. During times of threatening weather conditions, please listen for announcements on the major area radio/television stations or call (804) 278-1727 to hear the operating plan that is in effect or check the VCU Alert website.


A facility emergency requires immediate action in order to eliminate serious hazards to people or damage/loss to university property. Emergency work is also performed to correct disruptions to life support and life safety systems.

Facility emergencies may be reported directly to Physical Plant’s Operations Center at (804) 828-9444.

All security/police related issues should be reported to the Campus Police Department at (804) 828-1234.