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Alterations, renovations and improvements

Alteration, renovation and improvement work performed by Facilities Management will be billed the requesting department at the actual cost of labor, materials, equipment and contractor cost. If contractor services are procured, the requesting department will be charged an 8 percent (Physical Plant) or 13 percent (University Renovations) overhead rate. The overhead rate includes, but is not limited to, contract administration oversight, scope of the work equipment selection, review of bids, contractor submittals, final inspection, commissioning, proposal review and invoice management.

The department initiating renovations should submit a request via Facilities Self Service. If a requesting department would like to request a cost estimate and/or a completion date, this information should be included in the work description section of the FSS request. Once Facilities Management receives and approves the request, the requesting department will receive an AiM work order and be contacted by the appropriate shop. Upon completion of the work, the requesting department will receive a customer satisfaction surveyfeedback will help Facilities Management complete and make improvements, as necessary, to future work requests. The requesting department may be incrementally billed during the duration of the project, dependent upon the amount of time it takes to complete the project. 

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