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Service Guide

Base Provisions

The Facilities Management E&G budget pays the costs of operation and maintenance of the University’s E&G and research facilities. The cost of basic operation and maintenance services provided to auxiliary enterprises is billed to the respective auxiliary enterprise unit.  "Base Provision" services include the following:

  • Utilities – electrical, natural gas, steam, water/sewer and fuel oil
  • Custodial services, refuse removal and pest control
  • Maintenance – heating, cooling, plumbing, electrical, roofing, elevators, fire alarms, and building automation system
  • Grounds maintenance
  • Building related interior and exterior repairs

The cost services requested by departments, which is beyond the scope provided in the "base provision" is billed to the requesting department.  This applies to both E&G-funded departments and auxiliary enterprise departments.  The services beyond the "base provision" include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Department-initiated renovations
  • Department-related equipment repair and replacement
  • Office furniture repair and replacement
  • Moving and surplus property pick-up
  • Additional custodial service, additional locks/keys
  • Painting, carpeting, event set-up and signage

For work performed by Physical Plant or Facilities Management Department employees, the requesting department will be charged a labor rate and will be billed the actual cost of any materials or supplies used to perform the work. If contracted Physical Plant services are used, the department is charged a labor rate for Physical Plant personnel and a percentage of the contract dollar value, depending on the scope of the work and/or the requirements for Physical Plant’s involvement (i.e., scope development and confirmation, equipment selection, review of bids, contractor submittals, final inspection and commissioning, proposal review, invoice management and, for the common contract administration, oversight as required by Virginia procurement regulations and VCU’s Office of Procurement Services). If any additional Physical Plant Department services described above are desired, the fee is 8 percent of the contract dollar value.

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