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Building and Space Management

Space Reporting Center - Office of Space Management

These reports provide the basic information on VCU buildings and rooms. If you need more detailed space information or floor plans, please contact Office of Space Management Director Keith Hayes (kmhayes@vcu.edu) to get access to the VCU FMInteract website.

VCU FMInteract can provide:

  • Building list with Owner and Square Feet
  • Building list with Address and Square Feet

Space Management Guidelines

VCU FMInteract and ePlanroom require Office of Space Management approval and VCU credentials for login.

  • Verifying, storing and maintaining all building related information including room inventory data, floor plans and spec books as accurately as possible and then disseminating this information in easy-to-use and friendly fashion.
  • Providing GIS/mapping services to the VCU community including the Board of Visitors.
  • Providing website access and other IT support.
  • Providing analysis and reports on the utilization and allocation space at VCU.
  • The ePlanroom website provides access to over 42,000 as-built drawings and manuals.
  • FMInteract website that provides access to reports and floor plans for:
    • An annual space survey is conducted and all assignable space is reviewed. All schools and non- academic divisions participate.
    • Provides Revit support to users to help them render buildings under construction and allows donors to see what the building will look like when completed.

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