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Building and space management

Space Reporting Center - Office of Space Management 

The Space Reporting Center provides reports with basic information about VCU buildings and rooms. This information is housed in the VCU FM:Interact website. If you need to gain access to VCU FM:Interact for more detailed space information or floor plans, please email the Office of Space Management (OSM) at fmdspace@vcu.edu.

VCU FM:Interact can provide:

  • A building list with owner and square feet
  • A building list with address and square feet

Space management guidelines

To access VCU FM:Interact and ePlanroom, you must acquire OSM's approval by emailing fmdspace@vcu.edu to request access and then use your VCU credentials to login once you have access. These resources:

  • Verify, store and maintain all VCU building-related information, including providing accurate room inventory data, floor plans and spec books and then disseminating this information in user-friendly way.
  • Provide geographic information systems (GIS) and mapping services to the VCU community, including the Board of Visitors.
  • Provide website access and other IT support.
  • Provide analysis and reports on the utilization and allocation of space at VCU.
  • The ePlanroom website provides access to over 42,000 as-built drawings and manuals.
  • FMInteract website provides access to reports and floor plans to support:
    • The annual space survey when all assignable space is reviewed. All schools and non-academic divisions must participate.
    • Revit support to users to help them render buildings under construction and allows donors to see what the building will look like when completed.

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