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Service Guide

Contract Administration

Contracts managed by Contract Administration, include:

Service contracts (both MCV and Monroe Park campuses):

  • Custodial
  • Infectious waste removal
  • Pest control
  • Window washing

It should be noted that whereas Contract Administration has acquired contract pricing for most university buildings, costs associated with window washing are billed back to the requesting organization. Contract Administration will schedule, coordinate and oversee window-washing activities when requested by building customers. All requests are handled through Facilities Self Service.

Facilities Technical Contracts (both MCV and Monroe Park campuses):

  • Building automation systems
  • Electrical
  • Fire systems
  • HVAC/mechanical/refrigeration

Additional contracts managed within Contract Administration include:

  • Air monitoring
  • Elevator maintenance
  • Landscaping
  • Paving
  • Proprietary data storage and destruction
  • Snow/ice removal
  • Waste management

Contract Administration can assist in establishing a Scope of Work for your required service, and will work with you through a solicitation process or prepare a proposal for a new service requirement.

Once Contract Administration receives an accurate invoice from the Contractor/Vendor for work completed, the invoice is promptly processed based upon Virginia’s Prompt Pay Guidelines.

Contract Administration staff verifies receipt of all services associated with the invoice. If all services are verified, the invoice is marked as "approved" and "received" in Banner.

Contractors can check on status of payment for a particular invoice/purchase order by contacting Contract Administration staff:

FMD Financial Services

Financial Services provides support to FMD such as:

  • Billing inquiries
  • Cell phones (no longer done through FMD Financial Services; now done through Physical Plant)
  • Invoice processing
  • P-Card purchase inquiries
  • Requisition/PO requests
  • Uniform ordering (no longer done through FMD Financial Services; now done through Physical Plant)
  • Utility transfer request

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