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Service Guide

Engineering and Utilities

The Engineering and Utilities Unit of FMD provides the following services:

  • Responds to mechanical/electrical engineering inquiries pertaining to building
    projects such as new construction, major renovations, and repair/replacement.
  • Reviews site plans for new construction to identify and/or resolve utility supply
  • Advises FMD Planning & Design with recommendations on the best short
    term and long term building systems strategies to support VCU's strategic
  • Reviews drawings, submittals, specifications, and bids for engineered projects.
  • Supplies project management for in-house energy conservation measures.
  • Monitors building performance data via electronic control systems (DDC/BAS).
  • Supports Zones/Shops with engineering services.
  • Reviews and tracks energy consumption in all site buildings.
  • Via Steam Plant, supplies steam to MCV, Commonwealth, and Monroe Park
  • Via Automation Services, supports operation and maintenance of building
    controls for HVAC and research equipment.
  • Via Automation Services, supports operation and maintenance of fire alarm
  • Via Elevator Service, supports operation and maintenance of all campus
    elevators, lifts, and vertical transportation.

Energy Management

VCU Energy Management purchases and manages all of the university’s utilities, including electricity, natural gas, water, sewage and fuel oil. Steam is generated on site in central power plants and distributed to connected buildings on each campus. The department oversees a variety of campus initiatives to improve energy conservation and reduce costs associated with energy usage.

All Engineering and Utility services can be accessed by making a request via Facilities Self Service, or in the case of emergencies, calling (804) 828-9444.

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