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Inclement weather and emergencies


The VCU Division of Administration will make any decisions regarding university closing or changing normal operating schedules. The director of Physical Plant will advise the associate vice president for Facilities Management of weather and ground conditions. 

Physical Plant is responsible for snow and ice control operations at VCU. To meet this responsibility, necessary equipment and materials will be prepared and staged for use at all times during the winter season.

Where to check for closings

Information about the university's inclement weather closure, designated employee and parking procedures can be found on the VCU Human Resources inclement weather procedures web page.

Supervisors or department heads can confirm whether university employees are designated employees and are required to work their scheduled shifts during inclement weather. If the university remains open or reopens during inclement weather, approved employee absences will be covered by accrued leave or leave without pay, as appropriate.

In the event of inclement weather, you can also determine the university's operating status by: 

  • Listening for announcements on major area local radio and/or television stations. No media announcement will be made if VCU is open. 
  • Checking the VCU Alert website for current advisoriessign up to receive updates via text message and email.
  • Following VCU on Twitter@VCUnews and Facebook@VCU.
  • Looking for information on digital screens in major academic buildings and all residence halls on the Monroe Park Campus and MCV Campus.
  • Checking out MCV Campus schools' school websites or calling their hotlines.
  • Enrolling in VCU Parking and Transportation’s text service to stay informed of parking impacts.

VCU inclement weather plans

  • Plan 1. All day classes on both the Monroe Park Campus and the MCV Campus are canceled. All faculty and staff offices are closed. Designated employees must report to work at the time established for the inclement weather incident.
  • Plan 2. All day classes on both the Monroe Park Campus and the MCV Campuses are delayed starting and faculty and staff offices are delayed opening until (a specified timeto be announced). Designated employees must report to work at the time established for the inclement weather incident.
  • Plan 3. All day classes on the _____ Campus are (canceled or delayed starting until _____). All faculty and staff offices on the _____ Campus are (closed or delayed opening until _____). Designated employees must report to work at the time established for the inclement weather incident.

Special instructions

Separate announcements will be made for evening and Saturday classes.

Personnel who work outside of day shift: All employees on shifts following a closing or late opening must report to work as scheduled unless additional announcements are made for their particular shifts.

Parking Assignments during inclement weather closings: VCU faculty, staff and students who hold valid parking decals for VCU decks should continue to use their assigned decks. For updates on lot clearings and alternate parking locations, as applicable, VCU faculty, staff and students who hold valid parking decals for VCU surface lots should visit the Parking and Transportation website for updates. 

When inclement weather or other emergency conditions cause one campus to remain open while another closes, employees follow the instructions that affect the campus on which they are housed or to which they primarily report. If classes are in session on a particular campus, offices are also open.

Late opening and closing announcements for state government do not apply to VCU. A separate announcement will be made about VCU's operating status. 


A facility emergency is classified as a situation that requires immediate action to prevent serious hazards to people and/or damage/loss to university property. Emergency work is also performed to correct disruptions to life support and life safety systems.

Facility emergencies should be immediately reported to the Physical Plant’s Operations Center at (804) 828-9444.

Security/police related issues should be immediately reported to the VCU Police Department at (804) 828-1234.

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