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Paints or contracts to paint interior and exterior surfaces of buildings, structures, fixtures and furniture, walls (plaster or block), ceilings and floors; provides custom paint and stain matches using all VCU-specified latex/oil-based paints and stains, epoxies and elastomeric coatings.

For billable work please put a request into Facilities Self Service along with the appropriate index code. Once the request is received and approved, the requesting department will receive an AiM work order. The requesting department will be contacted by the appropriate shop. If a customer desires a cost estimate and completion date it should be included in the work description. Upon completion of the work, the requesting department will receive a customer satisfaction survey. The requesting department will be incrementally billed during the duration of the project, dependent upon the length of time for project completion.

For a routine request, submit a ticket to Facilities Self Service

Category: Buildings