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Creating a consistent, cohesive, informative and distinctive signage system not only makes navigation easier but also enhances the visual unity of each campus by distinguishing the university from the surrounding community.

The Physical Plant Division is responsible for ensuring adherence to these standards. Accordingly, all signage orders must be placed through the VCU signage manager. 

View the VCU Signage Manual.

Make an order or request information

Signs can be ordered through the facilities signage coordinator by submitting a work request ticket through Facilities Self Service or calling the Operations Center at (804) 828-9444. Once a work request ticket for signage is received, the Signage Coordinator will follow up with the customer for further details and funding source.

Types of signage available, as well as the VCU Signage Manual, can be accessed through the VCU Identity webpage.

Customers will be billed for completed signage through budget transfer based upon Facilities Management’s semi-monthly billing cycle.

Questions can be directed to VCU’s Signage Manager.

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