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Surplus and GovDeals

The Surplus Property Department is responsible for evaluating excess university personal property to determine the most cost-effective method for disposal. This includes reuse to other university departments, reuse to entities outside of the university, recycling and disposal into the waste stream. Once this determination has been made, the Surplus Property Manager will assist in making arrangements with Materials Management to have the property removed.

To initiate this process, please submit a reimbursable work request for surplus property pickup by calling (804) 828-9444, faxing (804) 828-8516 or on the Web at Facilities Self Service.


The university encourages reusing serviceable furniture and equipment. Departments in need of reused materials can call the materials management supervisor at (804) 828-5909 to inquire about the availability of items.

Department personnel are encouraged to view the reusable items by scheduling an appointment at the reuse warehouse to inspect the available materials. Unlike other avenues of obtaining used furniture and/or equipment, there is no cost for these items, but departments will be charged for transporation from the warehouse to the department's location. 


Visit the Surplus Property webpage for additional resources. 


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