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Service Guide


The Lock Shop provides services related to keys, locks, automatic door closures and safe repairs on a reimbursable basis.

Only designated key control managers, which in some cases may be building managers, can request keys for the building(s) via the Facilities Self Service. Keys should only be issued to faculty, employees and students who must access a space to complete their assigned duties. Additional keys and locks will be charged to the requesting department or school. 

If a key or lock has broken in a location that could pose a potential security risk if left unattended, contact Physical Plant Customer Service at (804) 828-9444 for assistance. 

Alternatively, in the event of any of the situations listed below, contact either the VCU Police Department at (804) 828-1196 for non-emergencies or (804) 828-1234 for emergencies:

  • A key or lock appears to have been tampered with, in which case, nothing should be touched so VCU Police can check the scene upon arrival
  • A key or lock is broken and a high security room must be accessed 
  • A door alarm sounds unexpectedly

For a lost residence hall key, students may borrow a long-term loaner key for a maximum of three days. If the loaner key has not been returned and the original key has not been found after three days, the room will be rekeyed and a new room key will be issued. The student's account will then be charged $65 for a replacement room key.

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