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About Us

Facilities Management’s professional, customer-oriented tradespeople, mechanics, architects, engineers, technicians and others are well trained to support Virginia Commonwealth University’s Monroe Park Campus and MCV Campus. VCU is a Tier 3 Institution.

This website provides information about the services we offer, how they may be obtained and what financial considerations are involved. It’s our hope that you will find it helpful in obtaining our services as quickly and efficiently as possible. We welcome your calls and comments at (804) 828-9647 or email askfmd@vcu.edu.

Vision Statement

To be the model of quality integrated service through excellence in planning, design, construction and craftsmanship.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to enable the university to carry out its mission of teaching, research and public service by providing cost effective and efficient planning, design, construction and maintenance services throughout Virginia Commonwealth University.

VCU Medical Center

Facilities Management also is charged with overseeing the construction of projects designed to achieve the VCU Medical Center’s goals through adherence to the highest quality construction standards and compliance with all of the commonwealth of Virginia’s contract and code requirements. This work involves construction of new facilities, renovation and restoration of existing facilities, and demolition of buildings where their useful life or need has expired.