Notice of invitation for bid

Find out about VCU Construction Management's notice of invitation for bid for the construction/renovation of the Sanger 9 Surgery Innovation Suite.

New STEM Building

Read about construction efforts for the new 168,000 square foot STEM Building.

STEM Building pedestrian detour

Check out the STEM Building's pedestrian detour map.

Major Projects


Construction of the new 168,000 square foot Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Building is underway at 805 W. Franklin Street, which will house lab, classroom and office space for the College of Humanities and Sciences. Work began in spring 2020 with the demolition of the existing Franklin Street Gym, the site of the new STEM Building. For more information, click STEM Building image above to visit the ONE VCU Master Plan website.

Engineering Research Building

Construction is underway for the 133,000 square foot Engineering Research Building (ERB)—located at the Northeast corner of Cary and Belvidere Streets, adjacent and connected to Snead Hall. The facility will significantly expand the College of Engineering's laboratory capacity and serve as a collaboration hub for students and faculty. To learn more, click the ERB image above to visit the ONE VCU Master Plan website.

College of Health Professions Building

The 154,000 square foot, 8-story College of Health Professions Building located at 900 E Leigh Street on the MCV Campus has been completed and opened in March 2019. The facility houses 11 of the college’s units for the first time under one roof, which were previously scattered throughout the VCU campus. This allows students and faculty to collaborate and work together to best serve patients. For more information, click the building image above.