Supplier diversity

VCU is committed to promoting equity in business and supporting a diverse local economy by fostering community and business relationships with small, women-owned and minority-owned (SWaM) businesses. The SWaM certification program is a state-wide program of the Commonwealth of Virginia and is overseen by the Virginia Department of Small Business and Supplier Diversity. The program serves to enhance procurement opportunities for SWaM businesses participating in state-funded projects, which includes VCU projects. 

SWaM subcontracting goals and reporting requirements 

VCU is committed to strengthening SWaM businesses within state procurement activities. As such, VCU Construction Management has a SWaM business participation goal of 50 percent for each capital construction project. Additionally, all VCU term contractors are encouraged to make every attempt to diversify their sub-contracts through the use of SWaM businesses via partnerships, joint ventures, subcontracting and other contractual opportunities. As such, when responding to invitations for bids, general contractors agree to attempt to meet these goals. 

VCU requires that general contractors comply with the VCU Higher Education Capital Outlay (HECO) Manual. For more information, refer to the HECO Manual linked here

Contractors that subcontract a SWaM business must submit a report to Construction Management upon submission of each month’s pay request. The report must include the following information for the subcontracted SWaM business: name of firm, phone number, total dollar amount subcontracted, dollar amount paid subcontractor each period, subcontractor’s DSBSD certificate number and type of product/service provided. Additionally, general contractors of capital construction projects must provide Construction Management with a quarterly report that includes the dollars contracted to be spent to date with the SWaM business.

More information and contact us

To learn more about SWaM and supplier diversity at VCU, visit the VCU Office of Procurement website.

For questions, a list of SWaM businesses or to learn more about doing business with VCU, contact Construction Management at (804) 827-3841.