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VCU Planning and Design (P&D) provides a variety of planning and design support services to VCU schools and departments.


P&D offers planning support services related to the development, evaluation and justification of facilities needs and projects to include:

  • Coordinating VCU Facilities Management support associated with the ONE VCU Master Plan planning and implementation
  • Developing and updating the Six-Year Capital Plan every other year for submission to the state
  • Assisting vice presidents, deans, directors and department heads with determining project needs regarding scope, schedules and preliminary cost, and articulating those needs through an approved facilities development plan
  • Aiding VCU Capital Assets and Real Estate with evaluating property acquisition opportunities in terms of needs and uses


P&D also provides design support services related to the development, evaluation and justification of facilities needs and projects to include:

  • Managing planning and design projects until a construction permit is issued at which time the project is transferred to VCU Construction Management
  • Providing interior design services
  • Offering sign design consultation
  • Contracting with outside architecture and engineering services
  • Offering space planning and programming
  • Serving as a liaison with the Virginia Division of Engineering and Buildings
  • Estimating preliminary costs

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Project requests

All new planning, design and construction as well as renovation project requests should be submitted via eBuilder, which is used throughout the project lifecycle to track and manage each phase of the project. 

eBuilder will also be used during the project design approval process to improve the efficiency, transparency, and coordination between Facilities Management and its stakeholders. Once a project request is submitted, it will be assigned to a P&D project manager to oversee; determine whether a state or annual building permit is required; figure out whether architectural, engineering or consultant services are needed to obtain code-compliance documents; and identify individuals to participate in each phase of the review process. At the conclusion of each design phase, the appropriate individuals will sign a Docusign agreement stating that they participated in that phase and any comments have been or will be resolved. Once the working drawings are approved (the final design phase), the project will advance to the construction phase.

Service financial information

Once a request for planning or design services is submitted, P&D staff will work with the client to develop the scope of the project, estimate cost and provide an approximate schedule.

P&D can also provide project management. The rates for these services include direct salary and benefits costs of project managers as well as allocated costs for supervision and departmental operating costs. These rates are applicable to state- and university-funded capital projects as well as all client-initiated planning and construction efforts.

Beginning in fiscal year 2023, when a client requests services, a budget index authorizing a retainer of $2,500 is required for project management (PM) time to develop the scope and cost proposal for design services (i.e., preliminary budget). P&D will provide a free initial consultation of up to two hours of PM time. Total PM costs may exceed the $2,500 retainer and will be estimated in the preliminary budget form. If the project proceeds, the retainer will be included in the project budget. However, if the project does not proceed beyond project initiation, any remaining balance will be returned to the client.

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