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VCU Facilities Operations (formerly known as Physical Plant) is dedicated to providing timely, quality workmanship and service delivered in a cost-effective manner to support the university’s mission. Facilities Operations serves to be the facilities maintenance and service provider of choice for our customers.

Request a facility service or report a non-emergency facility issue. 

Facilities Self Service

Report a facilities emergency 

Contact the 24/7 Operations Center at (804) 828-9444.

Emergencies can include, but are not limited to, fire, smoke, flooding and power outage

Operations Center

The Operations Center serves as a customer service center designed to centralize and make Facilities Operations services available to customers on both the Monroe Park and MCV campuses. It also serves as a central point of contact for general information about the unit and responds to emergency service requests.

FMD services financial information

FMD's annual education and general (E&G) budget covers the cost of operation and maintenance services (i.e., base provisions) provided to E&G and research facilities, while base provisions provided to auxiliary enterprises are billed to the respective unit. 

Services not covered by the E&G budget (i.e., non-base provisions) are billed to the requesting department — this applies to both E&G departments and auxiliary enterprise departments. For these services, the requesting department will be billed for the cost of labor, materials, equipment and contractor cost, as applicable. 

For more information, visit the Financial Service web page.

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Phone: (804) 628-5192
Email: askfmd@vcu.edu
Fax: (804) 828-2857

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