Building records

OSM manages the university’s digital archive of documentation, planAXcess, associated with past and current construction and renovation projects on the Monroe Park and MCV Campuses.

Compiling building documentation

To compile building records necessary for building maintenance, repairs and renovations, once a construction or renovation project is completed, building documentation must be submitted per the VCU Final Deliverable Requirements. [PDF] Documentation that must be submitted includes electronic record drawings, specifications, operating and maintenance manuals, warranty information and studies, virtual models, property and site surveys, and master plans. 

In an effort to streamline the use of building information modeling (BIM) data for future new construction projects, OSM is working closely with facilities and construction staff to create BIM standards that support the units utilizing the building's model and data. This information can be used for a number of purposes, such as quickly viewing building operating systems (e.g., mechanical, plumbing and sprinkler systems) to enable more efficient maintenance, repairs and renovations, saving time and resources as well as improving overall functionality of the building and its components. 

Accessing building documentation 

Once electronic building documentation is submitted to OSM (per the final deliverable requirements linked above), it is stored in PlanAXcess, a record drawing retrieval database. Users can then search by building, architect, project date or floor plan for the necessary building information. It also allows users to download multiple PDF versions of both documents and drawings at once.

OSM also maintains hard copies of plans and blueprints for older construction and renovation projects. As such, please note that following the de-commemoration of select campus buildings in May 2021, OSM updated its systems and records to include new building names, but was unable to update the hard copies. For a full list of building name changes and more information, visit the de-commemoration of campus buildings plan web page.

Both VCU and non-VCU users can request access to PlanAXcess to retrieve necessary building documentation by contacting Meredith Hill, document specialist, at In the request, include your name, VCU department or non-VCU company name, and the reason for requesting access.

Meredith ( can also provide current floor plans in DWG format upon request, which are not available in planAXcess.